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Best Buy Tile 4 Pack

Right now, it is offering $25 to $10 off various multi-packs of the Tile Bluetooth tracker. But the best part is, no matter which model you buy, you'll get a free Google Home Mini with your purchase. So, to be clear, you're saving on the Tile itself, and getting a free $49 smart speaker. You can get the Home Mini in any color, except for the new aqua shade.

best buy tile 4 pack


With its glossy, white plastic front and metal back, the AirTag looks and feels a lot like a pin-back button you might put on a jean jacket or backpack. The diameter is a little larger than a quarter, and the tracker is actually about a millimeter or two thicker than many iPhones, although its curved design makes it feel thinner. You have the option to add custom engraving when you order from Apple, with up to four characters (letters and/or numbers) or selected emoji; if you buy the four-pack, you can get different text on each. Noticeably absent is any sort of attachment mechanism such as a key-ring hole or adhesive back. Instead, you have to buy an extra accessory. Of course, Apple sells a handful of its own, and plenty of third-party companies sell all sorts of designs, as well.

The best key finder still comes from Tile, which has dominated this category for years. Tile's ongoing reign continues even after competing products from heavyweights like Apple and Samsung have arrived to take on Tile's trackers. (And Google could soon join the mix with its own tracking device). Nevertheless, our testing shows that Tile's key finders are still the tops for tracking down lost keys or any other valuable item.

We've tested a lot of different key trackers, and we've discovered that some are more deserving of a place at the end of your keychain than others. Certainly, the cheapest option isn't always the top choice for best key finder, though there are some value-focused options out there.

And that's why the Tile Pro remains our pick for the best key finder you can buy. It's got the best range of any key finder we've tested with a good, loud alarm. A two-way find feature helps you locate your phone if you've misplaced it just by pressing the Tile logo twice on the key finder. And the Tile Pro's battery remains easy to replace after about a year of service.

Tile continues to improve the software that accompanies its trackers. This year, Tile added an anti-theft mode which makes it hard for thieves to scan for Tile's trackers. That increases the odds you'll be able to recover a stolen item. (Anti-theft mode is available for all the Tile devices included in our best key finder rankings.)

If you've got the previous version of the Tile Pro from 2020, there's no need to upgrade, as the feature set remains as strong as ever. But if you have an older Tile or are looking for the best key finder around, your search should end with this latest edition of the Tile Pro.

Owners of Samsung phones looking for the best key finder should consider the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag alongside the Tile Pro. Like the Tile Pro, the SmartTag fared well in our range testing, as we were able to stay connected to our keys from up to 225 feet away. We can also point to some real-world successes with the SmartTag, as our tester was able to find keys that were left behind using last-seen data from the companion SmartThings app.

SmartTag compatibility is limited to Samsung Galaxy phones running Android 8.0 or later, so if you've got another handset, you want to consider some of the other best key finder options. But Samsung's smart tracker is a perfect companion to devices like the latest Galaxy S models.

Precision Finding is impressive, but perhaps the best thing about Apple's AirTag is how easy it is to set up. Our AirTag paired easily with an iOS 14.5-powered iPhone, and the Find My interface is a pleasure to use. (For more, check out our guide on what different AirTag chimes mean.)

AirTag lacks some of the functionality found in many other best key finders, such as two-way find features to locate a misplaced phone. More worrying, privacy features on AirTag needed some fine-tuning initially, as alerts that an unauthorized AirTag is trying to track you are slow in coming. Apple has released updates that try to address the problem (though Android users still have limited protection at best). We have a guide on how to tell if you're being unwittingly tracked by an AirTag and what to do about it.

The range of the Chipolo One is a little disappointing, as we had a hard time keeping our phone connected to the key finder beyond 50 feet. That means the Chipolo One is best suited for finding in a small area like your home as opposed to more spread out locations. Still, at $25, the Chipolo One costs less than the Tile Pro and has better features than the similarly priced Tile Mate. We think its the best key finder alternative if you don't want to pay up for the Tile Pro.

Apple's AirTags don't go on sale often, but we're now seeing a solid deal from two separate retailers. You can pick up a four-pack at Amazon and Best Buy for $89, just a dollar higher than the best deal we've seen so far. The offer helps if you have multiple items you want to track, and unlike with the previous Woot deal, both companies have generous return policies.

Apple AirTag sales are extremely rare outside of holiday events, but there are still ways to save on Apple's luxury tracker. We're rounding up all the best Apple AirTag deals right here, with our price comparison software pitting retailers against each other and surfacing the lowest rates from across the web every half hour.

While straight discounts may be difficult to find outside of sales like Black Friday and Prime day (we've only ever seen as much as $5 / 5 off these trackers in the past), there are ways to save on that $29 / 28 / AU$44 MSRP. The best way to find Apple AirTag deals is to look at bundles. We regularly see as much as $15 or $25 off packs of four AirTags, so if you need all the tracking, you can get it's well worth investing in this larger $99 / 99 multi-pack.

If you're still after the best Apple AirTag deals, you can check out the retailers below in addition to our comparison chart above for the best chances of finding the sale price for you. Keep in mind Apple AirTag deals are rare, so if you see a price cut, you should grab it while you can.US:

Apple fans will think the Apple AirTags price is worth it because it works with your Apple devices to find lost items and a one-pack only retails for $29/28/AU$44. Another Bluetooth tracker, the Tile tracker, is compatible with both iOS and Android and requires you to download a separate app to track your stuff. Tile makes several different trackers, but the most similar to the Apple AirTag, the Tile Pro, is priced at $34.99/29.99.If you're an Android user, it's probably best to go with the Tile family, but Apple users should stick with the slightly cheaper AirTag.

Are you looking to attach your Apple AirTag to your keys or bag? Apple has designed stylish accessories to go with your Apple AirTag, including a leather key ring and loop available in several different color choices. We've listed the best prices for both Apple AirTag accessories below.

Mackenzie Frazier is the deals editor in the US for TechRadar at Future plc. She's been sharing deal advice for Future for the past three years and loves to find products that the consumer wants at the best possible price. She's had eight years of experience working in the e-commerce space and loves being a mom to her baby boy."}; var triggerHydrate = function() window.sliceComponents.authorBio.hydrate(data, componentContainer); var triggerScriptLoadThenHydrate = function() if (window.sliceComponents.authorBio === undefined) var script = document.createElement('script'); script.src = ' -9-5/authorBio.js'; script.async = true; = 'vanilla-slice-authorBio-component-script'; script.onload = () => window.sliceComponents.authorBio = authorBio; triggerHydrate(); ; document.head.append(script); else triggerHydrate(); if (window.lazyObserveElement) window.lazyObserveElement(componentContainer, triggerScriptLoadThenHydrate, 1500); else console.log('Could not lazy load slice JS for authorBio') } }).catch(err => console.log('Hydration Script has failed for authorBio Slice', err)); }).catch(err => console.log('Externals script failed to load', err));Mackenzie FrazierSocial Links NavigationMackenzie Frazier is the deals editor in the US for TechRadar at Future plc. She's been sharing deal advice for Future for the past three years and loves to find products that the consumer wants at the best possible price. She's had eight years of experience working in the e-commerce space and loves being a mom to her baby boy.

Both scenarios are disconcerting, especially when you consider just how much happiness our fluffy friends bring into our lives. It's our duty to keep them happy, healthy, and safe. And although regular trips to the vet along with some good old-fashioned TLC do wonders, technology can play a pivotal role as well. We've tested plenty of pet trackers and GPS collars designed to trace your pet's activity, location, and more. Keep scrolling for our favorites, and be sure to read our buying guide at the end of this article for some advice to help you select the best one for you and your fur baby.

Weighing just 1.3 ounces, the Whistle GO Explore is the best dedicated pet tracker for smaller dogs and even cats. It attaches to any collar, unlike the Fi, which works only with the company's first-party collars.

The Jiobit Smart Tag is an excellent tracking option regardless of what phone you use, though it does cost a bit more than some competitors and lacks pet-specific features. Apart from the $129.99 upfront cost, you must also subscribe to a monthly service plan. A no-contract plan costs $14.99 per month, but six-month and two-year contract plans are more affordable at $12.99 and $8.99 per month, respectively. If price is not a concern and you value accuracy above all else though, this is among your most versatile options. 041b061a72


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