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Cabir 012 Sur Sur Cabir

Cabir (also known as Caribe, SybmOS/Cabir, Symbian/Cabir and EPOC.cabir) is the name of a computer worm developed in 2004[1] that is designed to infect mobile phones running Symbian OS. It is believed to be the first computer worm that can infect mobile phones.[2] When a phone is infected with Cabir, the message "Caribe" is displayed on the phone's display, and is displayed every time the phone is turned on. The worm then attempts to spread to other phones in the area using wireless Bluetooth signals.

Cabir 012 Sur Sur Cabir

CabirCreature informationFactionAcademyTier/levelCoreUpgradedSizeSmallAttack typeRangedDwellingFire caveCost per unit60 Stats Attack Defense Hit Points 2 2 12 Damage Initiative Speed 2-3 14 4 Range Morale Destiny Half 0 5 Growth 15 IconCabir's iconThe cabir is a core creature of the Academy in Might & Magic: Heroes VII. Its upgraded form is the cabir master. 041b061a72


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