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Kasim Flowers
Kasim Flowers

Error 25013.setup Is Unable To Load The Migration Dll !NEW!

Cause:A packed decimal field with a non-zero scale factor is mapped to a character column. In order to perform the datatype conversion, a numeric format string must be created based on the input field's precision and scale specifications. Direct path loader encountered an error in creating this format string.

error 25013.setup is unable to load the migration dll

Download File:

The NIF library reload feature is not supported anymore. It has been marked as deprecated since OTP R15B. This means that you are only allowed to do one successful call to erlang:load_nif/2 for each module instance. A second call to erlang:load_nif/2 will return error, reload, _ even if the NIF library implements the reload callback.

To ease troubleshooting, erlang:load_nif/2 now includes the return value from a failed call to load/reload/upgrade in the text part of the error tuple. The crypto NIF makes use of this feature by returning the source line where/if the initialization fails. 350c69d7ab


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