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Kasim Flowers
Kasim Flowers

Devart Entity Developer V6.3.543 Professional

Devart Entity Developer 6.3.543 Professional has been equipped with an intuitive and professional looking user interface. The main application window is large and has got various different options. You can start working on the new models by picking the type between LINQ to SQL entity or NHibernate. This application also provides you the model explorer which will enable you to navigate classes, associations, methods, diagrams, tables and views easily. Designing of the project is very simple and you can rely on the basic drawing tools in order to make diagrams as well as connections between them. You can also validate the projects and update the information with a model from the database or vice versa. All in all Devart Entity Developer 6.3.543 Professional is a very handy application which can be used for creating, designing and producing entity models and diagrams. You can also download Spicelogic .NET WinForms HTML Editor Control

Devart Entity Developer v6.3.543 Professional


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