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MorphVOX Pro 4.3.21 Build 17566 Addons ChingLiu

MorphVOX Pro 4.3.21 Build 17566 Addons ChingLiu

MorphVOX Pro is a professional voice changer software that allows you to modify your voice online, whether for gaming, chatting, or recording. With MorphVOX Pro, you can sound like a man, a woman, a child, a robot, an alien, or any other character you can imagine. You can also apply various effects and filters to your voice, such as echo, reverb, distortion, pitch shift, and more.


MorphVOX Pro 4.3.21 Build 17566 is the latest version of the software, released in 2023 by Screaming Bee Inc. This version includes several improvements and bug fixes, such as:

  • Added support for Windows 11 and Mac OS Big Sur

  • Improved voice quality and performance

  • Fixed compatibility issues with some games and applications

  • Added new voice packs and sound effects

  • Enhanced user interface and customization options

Addons are additional features and content that can be installed on MorphVOX Pro to enhance its functionality and variety. Some of the popular addons for MorphVOX Pro are:

  • Voice Splicer: This addon allows you to mix and match multiple voices to create unique combinations and characters.

  • Backgrounds: This addon adds realistic background sounds to your voice, such as traffic, rain, wind, etc.

  • Skins: This addon changes the appearance of the MorphVOX Pro interface with different themes and colors.

  • Scripts: This addon enables you to create and run custom scripts to automate your voice changing tasks.

ChingLiu is a well-known uploader of cracked software and torrents on the internet. He has uploaded many versions of MorphVOX Pro and its addons on various platforms, such as OpenSea, Endoyoo, and BandLab. However, downloading and using cracked software is illegal and risky, as it may contain viruses, malware, or spyware that can harm your computer or compromise your privacy. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you purchase the original software from the official website of Screaming Bee Inc.

MorphVOX Pro is a powerful and versatile voice changer software that can help you create fun and immersive experiences online. However, you should always use it responsibly and ethically, and respect the rights and preferences of others. Remember, your voice is your identity, so use it wisely.


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