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Kasim Flowers

Loiloscope 2

so you can certainly use the programs built-in editing features without any issue, but you may need to experiment with your own video files. in other words, the program might not offer you the capability to edit in ways that you are used to. that said, it is also worth pointing out that loiloscope has some drawbacks, and they include the fact that you can only save your modifications for 30 seconds. likewise, you need to loiloscope in the same folder to work properly.

Loiloscope 2


this program can be an inexpensive alternative to video editing software like final cut pro x , as well as motion , panda video editor , modiolo video and friesoft video editor . it certainly comes with the ability to create professional videos, but does so at an economical price.

folks might find the apps interface a bit of a turn off at first, and many will probably want to install it just to get past the learning curve. the program was built for ease of use, so the interface is very intuitive. there are also many useful instructions at each step of the process. so once you learn the way it works, you can simply apply the effects to your videos easily.

i hardly wish to spend any more time talking about the basics of loiloscope 2 because ive already done that, but i thought i would touch upon a few of the things that made me think of it as an upgrade. firstly, and most importantly, loiloscope 2 supports photoshop 7 as a file type. this means that you can use numerous filters, gradients, shapes, frames, textures and more. i was very impressed with this aspect of loiloscope 2 and already have begun to use it to its full potential. i have also experimented with a new feature of loiloscope 2 that allows you to save and load files as a sequence. it works like a charm and i am starting to use this almost like a drag and drop tool. loiloscope 2 also has a powerful image editor called the paint tool which allows you to crop, rotate, resize, adjust shades and contrasts and do a lot more. i have only scratched the surface with this tool, and cant wait to explore more of it.


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