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Kasim Flowers

Download and Play Fix It Felix Jr on MAME: A Step-by-Step Guide for Retro Arcade Fans

keep in mind the various folders, your game folder is the folder where the rom files are, then your root is the folder that is root of your entire computer, then the folder that you want (the other folder is "scripts") is the folder you want to backup, and make sure to backup the gamespeed.ini file if you have it, it's in the game folder.

fix it felix jr mame rom download

now, if you do not know what to do with the game, i suggest you do not install the games, and just leave them in their game folder. that is all, they are most likely just data files, and if you don't know what to do with them, then just leave them there. 

anyways, this is just what i would do, but you may do it your way, like i do. hm, if you leave the games in their folder, then that will work too. it seems they are not aware of the fact that we offer a free version, so no need to download the crack, we still do it, for no charge as it were.

so in my opinion, if you install the game, you will not have to crack it, and in fact the crack won't work. but it would prevent you from keeping the game in the folder the way you had it. also, downloading the crack should help you install the rom better. so my advice is, just leave it in the folder it's in, and leave it alone.

there is a new release out for fix-it felix jr., fix-it felix jr. virtual arcade dlp 16 mb. it runs at 16 mbits/sec, is ntsc compatible, and includes fixes to play on newer arcade monitors (without vertical hold).

as i mentioned i have released an implementation of the game coded in python. (yes, i know python is a programming language, but seriously its a good language and im not letting this opportunity pass me by) as of right now, there is only a single stage in the game, but sometime soon, i will be adding in the rest of the stages. if you have a moment please hop over to my github repository and check it out:


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